Guns & Roses multi-size cloth pad set.
Guns & Roses multi-size cloth pad set.

Guns & Roses multi-size cloth pad set.

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Guns and roses inspired multi-size cloth pad set of one 8" pad and one 11" pad. 

Let’s be real, menstruation sucks. But you know what sucks more? A woman will spend approximately 2,280 days of her life menstruating. On average a single woman will use 9,120 tampons or 2,280 pads. All of those will be dumped into land fills and take longer than the users lifetime to breakdown, if they break down at all!

Not to mention all the chemicals that aren’t mentioned to make, maintain, and produce traditional pads & tampons!

My cloth pads are washable, able to be sanitized, and comes in many fun prints!

Made with cotton lyslcra and multiple layers flannel secured with a waterproof backing. my cloth pads reduce irritation, chafing and waste. Snaps allow the pad to secure smoothly.

Choose the size that is right for you! Regular is approximately 8 inches, heavy is 11 inches, and postpartum is 16 inches. Can’t find a design you love? Shoot me an email, Let’s upgrade your menstruation station!

Interested in custom pads? Send me a message!